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Booty Boot Camp

It was nearly four years ago that came out from hiding behind my big bad “TOP” blanket and began to explore the possibilities of anal pleasure. My trusty sidekick for these adventures, as some of you may recall, was the Naughty Boy by Rocks Off. I still love my Naughty Boy dearly, but that’s sort of the problem…

See, in the four years that I’ve been playing with my butt, I really haven’t grown…

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Okay I actually kinda dig both of them but still NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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So…what exactly is the criteria for something to be “everything”?

(Use in a sentence: “Beyonce’s album is everything.”)

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Party at the Pleasure Chest tonight! Come play with us!

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Hi, Boston. It’s nice to see you.

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YAY! On my way to Boston 😃
BOO! I won’t even be there for 24 hours 😢
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Now, there’s three words that should NEVER go together…